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Speed Dating at Bouchercon


Psst…hey authors, are you looking for a date? The best way is…Speed Dating for Authors. This is a fun way for authors to connect with a new set of readers

Author Speed Dating at this year’s Bouchercon will be Saturday, September 10th, from 7 to 9:00 a.m. in Orchestra Hall.

If you’ve never been at one of these EXTREMELY POPULAR events, here’s how it works: each of the numbered tables in the ballroom will seat ten readers and two authors. At a signal, the first author at each table will speak (and often distribute swag!). At a second signal, the second author speaks. Then there’s a third sign all and every author – ONLY the authors! – get up and move to the next table. By the time it’s over, that means EVERY reader will get a chance to hear from EVERY author.

The time frame and setup allow 40 authors to circulate in pairs and 144 fans to relax and enjoy the two-minute pitches. We, Les and Leslie Blatt, will be the Author Speed Dating hosts. Authors: Email Leslie Blatt at SpeedDateBCon@gmail.com with the following information: 1. Is this your first time Speed Dating at Bouchercon? Are you a debut author? 2. If you already have a speed dating partner in mind, list their name. BOTH need to send an email listing each other. If you don’t have someone in mind, we will match you with a partner. 3. List your mystery genre (thriller, cozy, historical, etc).

We will START accepting emails on Monday, March 21st. This will give you time to make a pairing if you want (see #2 above). You’ll be notified by July 6th. A waitlist for last-minute author cancellations will be developed.

Any questions? Drop an e-mail to us at SpeedDateBcon@gmail.com!

Best Regards, Leslie & Les

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